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Article: 10 Essentials your home bar might be missing

10 Essentials your home bar might be missing
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10 Essentials your home bar might be missing

Even the best and perfect home bars sometimes lack basics. Here’s your go-to list to check if your place ticks all the boxes when it comes to essentials. In case you need to update your shopping list, you have come to the right place!!

Read on and shop away!


What do you like, Shaken or Stirred?

Well, for shaking things up at your home bar you do not need any experience, you only need a good shaker. Shaking a drink is not only to chill your cocktail properly but also for proper dilution and aeration. Shakers are basically of 3 types: Cobbler Shaker, Boston Shaker & French Shaker.

If you are just starting out with your cocktail making skill, then a Cobbler Shaker is the best option. It’s a 3-piece shaker that consists of a shaker tin for mixing, a cap to cover it, and a built-in strainer to remove off bits of fruit or herbs. These are effortless to clean & easier to mix. 

Try this: Hammered Copper and Silver Cocktail Shaker


It’s a simple bar tool and yet the most necessary one. It is either a single or double cup with marks inside or outside of the cup giving ounce measurements. Most home bartenders overlook the importance of jigger and use estimations in mixing alcohol or making cocktails. Proper proportions can make or break a drink. So, buy a nice double jigger like this for your home bar and mix drinks like a pro.


Love Mojitos and Brambles? The soul of these cocktails is the flavor of ingredients which is best extracted using Muddler. Of-course you can use a spoon or any alternative to smash. But, with Muddler you can enhance flavors out of the herbs and fruits. It is either wooden or stainless steel. They have a rubber head with teeth for crushing and extracting juice. While choosing the one for your home bar, make sure it is long enough to reach the bottom of any bar glassware.

You can try this Copper or Gold Muddler to Pestle. Happy muddling!

Tip: Do not over muddle herbs and citrus fruits. It increases the bitterness of the cocktail. Be gentle with them.


Mixing Glasses

It’s a large beaker for stirred cocktails, used mostly by professionals for mixing drinks. It has a large base and a spout for pouring. It’s an optional accessory but, is more aesthetics than function. It enhances to the beauty of your home bar and the mixing process.

It comes in a variety of glass designs and comes cheap. But, while choosing the mixing glass make sure it’s large enough to accommodate your ingredients and ice, with enough space left for mixing.

So, if you are a stirred cocktail fan, go get a mixing glass for you and start impressing your audience with your beautiful and lip-smacking cocktails.

Bar Spoons

Never mix or stir your cocktails or any alcoholic drink with a usual tea spoon. It could lead to an embarrassing moment while your home-bar audience waits. Always use bar-spoons. They are typically long for better reach even in taller pitchers, are made of corrosion proof metal like steel, balanced with a coiled shaft for better control and grip.

Stir up a craft cocktail in this vintage copper style! Artistically twisted, superbly decorative. Great length for all bartending. Great reach into tall cocktail shakers, this one is out to impress everyone for sure!

Pour Spouts

This is one of the best home-bar accessories for home parties. These are spill free, occupy little space, and come cheap. These can replace jigger if you are a pro mixologist or an experienced bartender. Pour spouts brings in the coolness to the party.

Citrus Juicers

That one drop of a lemon or any citrus or any fruit can make your drink perfect. Be it lemon in whiskey-sour, lime in mojitos, grapefruit in tequila, or orange in Sangria, get squeezing done with those cool juicers out there. Don’t trouble your hands with that one and create a mess. Get a big size squeezer/juicer which can squeeze any size citrus to make the best cocktail. And make sure you do it right in style in front of your guests.

Try this chic Zinc alloy lemon squeezer.


Bottle Opener

You deserve a nice chilled beer after a long day of work. Pop a bottle open with a unique bottle opener. 

Nothing is more frustrating than going to open a beer bottle or a bottle of wine without an opener. Do not fall into such inconvenient situations and get yourself a unique bottle opener.

Look at these interesting bottle openers exclusively designed for you by


Ice and Ice Bucket

The regular half-melted Ice cubes from the store can make your drink colder but sometimes for special occasions you need perfect quality Ice. And for that, you need a couple of good ice trays like this Round Ice Mold or this Diamond Ice Mold.

For wine and Champagne lovers, we’ve got wine buckets that will keep your favorite wine chilled throughout the night.


Drinking Games

The most missing part of your home bar. We advise you to keep a game accessory storage section at your home bar. Why? Because, FUN. Sitting around and drinking with friends can get boring sometimes. Get these drinking games, and bring the fun to your place. 

Take your party at another level with your friends and colleagues.

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