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Article: Enchant Your Guests With Our Wonderful Tiki Tumblers

Tiki Tumblers

Enchant Your Guests With Our Wonderful Tiki Tumblers

Tiki mugs are basically large ceramic cocktail drinking pitchers that originated in tiki bars and tropical-themed restaurants. The term "tiki mug" is a term for sculptural glassware. They vary in size and most do not contain handles. These mugs are commonly seen in tiki bars and restaurants. Most of the mugs can be quite big. Large shells or their ceramic counterparts are also sometimes used for communal drinks. 
The Tiki Tumblers are unique and exotic drinkware. They have become an integral part of the Tiki community. Even in the 21st century, there are online shops in California with vintage specialty mugs whose price bids range from $15 to $600.

Our Weird and Wonderful Tiki Mugs

1. Tiki Tumbler with Earrings

This ceramic man has large oval eyes, an open mouth, and rectangular ears with earrings in them. This tiki tumbler goes well with all kinds of parties and would be a great addition to your tiki collection.

2. Big Eyes Tiki

This Tiki has white scary eyes, big ears, and a wide mouth. Its shiny black color will add a touch of fun and elegance to your collection.

3. Tiki Tumbler with Sunglasses

This enchanting ceramic man is wearing cool sunglasses. An ideal brown-color is adding a dramatic feel to its sculptured body. This wonderful tiki will add extra deliciousness to your tasty cocktail.

4. Grumpy Tiki Tumbler

This large grumpy ceramic man will add a touch of naughty elegance to your barware collection. It will be an excellent display at your home bar, giving a rustic and quirky touch while sipping your cocktails. 

5. Skull Tiki Tumbler

This is not just fun drinkware, but also a piece of artwork. This quirky brown ceramic man has tiny eyes, a big nose, and small skulls around his leg. The Skull Tiki ceramic vessel would be an excellent way to serve some delicious and exciting cocktails at your next gathering.

6. Tongue Out Tiki

This pretty tri-colored tiki mug has a smooth glaze on it. The front side of the mug features a classic Tiki-Style face that stares at you with its tongue lolling out from the mouth. Its eyes are wide with excitement as you consume your beverage.

7. Owl Tiki Keg

Relish the flavors of exotic drinks in these appealing owl-shaped tiki kegs that add a wonderful aesthetic to your personal bar. You will enjoy a blend of elegance and fun with this tiki keg.

8. Transparent Tiki

This wonderful Transparent Tiki Tumbler is perfect for every home bar and adds an exciting touch to every gathering. It has transparent eyes, nose, and mouth, basically a transparent body. It will serve your favorite libations in a playful and exotic style.

9. Green Tiki

The Green Tiki smiles at you with closed eyes. The beautiful green color comes with a smooth glaze on top. These limited-edition tiki mugs are designed exclusively to create an artistic look. They will certainly make your cocktail drinking experience a cheerful event.

10. Professor Strong Tiki

This white-colored tiki tumbler looks like a strict college professor. This exciting piece of crockery would be on everybody’s Home Bar list. Impress your guests by serving delicious cocktails into this ceramic glass. These beautiful sculptures will be hit at every party. 


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