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Article: Ideas for Building a Home Bar Without Going Broke

Image of a Home Bar to show tips on how to set up a home bar
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Ideas for Building a Home Bar Without Going Broke

Everyone dreams of it, but few are actually able to achieve it. We are talking about having a speakeasy at your home- a home bar. We’re pretty sure you are dreaming of a huge home bar right now. Most bar enthusiasts stay away from making this dream a reality because they know how difficult it is to sustain a thriving place regularly without going broke. A home bar requires planning, perfect execution, and constant inputs in terms of décor, bar accessories, glassware, tools- the list goes on.

But honestly, who would think of a home bar if you have only some beer bottles in the fridge, a half-filled orange juice carton, and few ice cubes kept in the freezer? 

You really need to work on your dream of setting up the home bar. And, we are going to help you set that up without tightening your purse strings So all you Bar Enthusiasts, read on to know how easy it is to build a bar at your home without paying a bomb. You will never want to go to a bar. Be your own bartender and surprise your guests with your skills!

A Groovy Bar Space

We all have been used to doing up our living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchen, even if the last one of the lists is hardly used;) but only as a pantry and tea/coffee place while we are at home. A home bar for most is a cabinet for your favorite spirits, and some glassware tucked along with another crockery. But the past few months of forced home stay have actually changed the way we look at our living spaces. One major pattern that is emerging is creating a similar experience as we would enjoy outside, right in our homes. 

 A good home bar would be essentially a dedicated space in your home for refilling the coupe de la vie. So out go the boring cupboards and crockery cabinets and in come panache and style.

Our tip is to start small, with a 2 or 3 level bar-table to begin with. When you have got used to having a designated space for this new piece of furniture, this small bar area would become the talking point for your guests! Add some stools, cozy loungers, and throws and pillows around the place. Remember that this place has to be clutter-free for you to display your alcohol, bar tools as well as bar-tending skills.

 And if you are lucky enough to figure out a free corner in your home right next to your living area, you can jazz it up and create a snappy home bar just with the right furniture. Some wall-mounted racks, antique cabinets, sideboards, and some big trays can make a groovy bar space for you.

Which alcohol to choose?

Don’t just step into a liquor store and buy off every bottle you see. Start with your favorites. The ones which you are master in creating crafty drinks. Stocking up a single variety of your favorite alcohol is also lame. You might be a single-malt whiskey fan but your friend might be a cocktail lover. Having a choice of booze in small amounts is perfect for a home bar. Remember, in the end, it’s the time and enthusiasm you share with your closed ones at your home bar which is going to be a memorable affair at your party. 

Have Whisky – on the rocks or as a classy cocktail with your favorite bunch of friends, or, that red wine you dreamt of having with your partner, or, loads of beer while a sports night with your favorite team playing. Don’t forget the shot glasses for getting hammered up and winning or happily losing the bets made on the drinking-games – with Vodka or Tequila. Your home, your bar, you, the bartender- so it's your rules when it comes to creating unforgettable experiences for your friends!


Now that you have shelved up your home bar with alcohol. The next step is to stock up mixers. And by mixer, we do not mean just the regular diet coke. Mixing is a blend of science, art & storytelling that you must master to impress your guest and that is possible with varieties of mixers. We recommend you carbonation such as Club Soda, Tonic Water, Ginger Ale, Diet Coke, Red Bull, or if you want to save a buck here, you can always go for juices or simple syrup or dairy.

Keeping a stock of fruits is always a good idea whenever you are expecting guests or want to have a cocktail laced with some citrus.


Well, they are there not just to decorate and make the drink insta-worthy. Garnishes add soul to the alcohol. Be it in wedges form right after downing your shot or as peels in garnish, citrus fruits like lime and lemon are a must-have. There are other spices that you can simply grow at home in small pots and even decorate your bar with these. Spices like mint, thyme, rosemary, and sage play a great role in concocting lip-smacking cocktails. 

Bar Equipment


You can sip your drink from any glass you want- it will taste the same. But if you wish to really cherish and feel the moment while the alcohol does its magic, you need to up your serving game. We recommend buying a few premium collections of glassware that will not just give you the best taste and experience but will also impress your guests. Every drink has its own type of glassware. For example, oversized, flat shape bowl and short nose glass help collect and expose all the possible bouquets reflecting the pure elegance of wines.

Apart from the basic glasses like beer mugs, wide whiskey tumbler, shot glasses, etc. we recommend you the following some reasonable and yet must-have premium and executive glassware collections from our

Old Fashioned Glasses: Bring that antique look to your bar place with our beautifully crafted old-fashioned glasses ideal for serving liquor on the rocks or any iced beverage.

Test Tubes: Complete your vodka nights with these elegant test tubes. Add the coolness to your party and take control of all the fun.

Molecular triangular Glasses: Cocktail drinking glasses are precisely crafted to enhance the elegance of your home bar.

Hexagonal Glass: Don’t ruin a fine whisky by serving it in a basic glass. The whisky experience changes with glasses. Like a fine wine, whisky needs room to breathe and relax. And with luxurious glasses from our collection, give your guests a different and yet beautiful experience of nosing and drinking.

Avoid overbuying extra glassware that is not needed. There are only a few glasses that you need in a home bar to for all your party needs. Most glasses double up for drinks and cocktails, so having just a few basics but yet elegant pieces will ensure your guest have their desired drink served in a proper fashion.


Now that your house bar has everything you need for a house party, there is still little shelf space left for a few pieces of equipment. Again, you wouldn’t need everything right away to set up your home bar but having a few pieces of equipment on hand is good to control the party night by boasting your cocktail crafts. 

Shaker: A good-sized shaker can help you mix your cocktail ingredients and give the best taste it can give. Our Bar Cocktail Shaker Set comes with everything you need for your home bar.

Jigger: A double-sided metallic jigger to show off the art of precision. Mixology is an art and you can be the artist using bar-enthusiast’s metallic jigger.

Other Accessories

You never want to be caught in an embarrassing moment in front of your guests. So, buy those accessories and bar-ware like bar spoon, ice bucket, squeezer, strainer, peeler, corkscrew, etc.

Tip: Impress your home audience by chilling down your glasses using diamond-shaped ice cubes. Buy Diamond shape ice cube maker from

Start with a small setup and then branch out. Let your bar evolve. Start with a nifty bar cart with a few glassware and bar-ware, then upgrade it to a bar-room. 

Next time your friends want to go to a bar, let them know you have a home bar, ready and waiting for those late-night shindigs, and party your heart out!


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