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Article: Want to play Secret Santa this year? Here's your chance to know-it-all

Want to play Secret Santa this year? Here's your chance to know-it-all

Want to play Secret Santa this year? Here's your chance to know-it-all

Want to know all about Secret Santa? How did it start? What's the significance, and why does it matter you play your part too? Read on:

Every year, thousands of people exchange gifts on Christmas. Doesn't everyone likes to open the door to find a gift box nestling a carefully selected Tiki Tumbler off their Christmas wishlist? 

Or maybe a cute bauble like these decorative glasses to adorn your home bar this year? 

Christmas is the time when even the most anti-Christmas person amongst us warms up to the idea of gifting. And the excitement is all only heightened when you get a present but don't know who brought it for them!

What's Secret Santa all about?

Secret Santa is a fun game popular in friends groups and workplaces alike. The sheer excitement and joy of getting assigned a person to whom you have to gift anonymously is doubled by the thrill of getting presents from an anonymous gift giver yourself.

A Secret Santa game could be a fun and exciting way to save your home parties from being dull and boring! We bet everyone would get excited about getting a gift or choosing a gift from someone! The build-up towards the party shall begin from the day of the announcement itself as the invitees shall start guessing the best thing they can give to their assigned person!

Here is an interesting trivia-based to regale you as you plan your Secret Santa this year

Secret Santa is known as "Julklapp" in Scandinavia, a combination of "Jul": Christmas and "Klapp": Knock. The tradition says that you knock loudly on a door, open it, throw their gift in, or leave it behind without being seen by anyone. It also has another unique custom – rather than writing a name, a short and funny message is included instead. The guests at the event have to figure out who this gift is meant for based on the message, often accompanied by peals of laughter.

The more recent story is about Larry Dean Stewart, who was contemplating his next move on a dark Christmas eve, having just lost his job when he realized many are more unfortunate than he was. He started an anonymous self-funded Secret Santa mission for himself and has distributed millions over the 29 years without his identity revealed. Now a businessman, philanthropist, and the founder of Society of Secret Santa’s, Larry embodies Christmas's spirit in the most real sense. New Yorkers even received $25,000 after the 9/11 attacks and thousands more after Hurricane Sandy.

Secret Santa is all about spreading the Christmas spirit and cheer to people who may or may not be celebrating due to various reasons. Secret Santa gives a chance for those sitting on the fence to come out and soak in the joy of giving to someone they may or may not know properly. Discovering a person's unique qualities, likes and dislikes, and caring enough to find something appropriate to gift is the first step towards a meaningful friendship, and Secret Santa does just that and more.

Tips for planning a Secret Santa Event this year:

1. Give at least two weeks for everyone to come on board

2. Match people and send notes to them explaining what they need to do Keep a spending limit that is manageable for everyone. You don't want someone to feel short-changed

3. Please keep it simple, give options to people to choose the gift from

4. Better still, ask people about their likes, dislikes, and wishlist that fits the spending limit, this way, everyone gets to know about each other!

5. Encourage people to go creative with their funny messages about each other!

6. Make sure everyone gets their gifts, either at a party hosted by you or by Christmas Eve!


Go ahead, plan your Secret Santa event this year, and have tons of fun!

Get a special someone a free gift, home-delivered! Just fill-up the form attached and if it’s your lucky time of the year, you could be the Secret Santa!

All you have to do is fill up this form, and we will make sure the person you select gets a gift hamper from you, for free!

What’s more, the winner of this contest also gets to win an attractive gift from Bar- Enthusiast!


Bar Enthusiast has good items and is an ideal shopping stop for Christmas & New Year Gifts 🎅🎄🎁🎀

Conceptia Mary DCunha

I want to be a secret Santa to surprise my sister and brother and my friends here coz i love them a lots

Elissa de Jesus

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