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When all else fails, scream Cocktail!!
Quick & Easy Cocktail Recipes

Beat the sweltering heat with some lip-smacking cocktails that are so easy to prepare at home! These recipes will surely be a refreshing change from the classic mojitos made with rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint. Remember, the idea here is to mix, match, and have fun! Bring a touch of glamour to your celebrations and greet guests with a cocktail.

Gin and Strawberry Cocktail

The fiery red strawberries are the best antidote to the hot summer, and the colorful creation made with a combination of gin, fresh and sweet strawberries, and some sprigs of basil will soon become a signature drink for your home bar! Perfect for a sunny afternoon!

Bar tools you need:
Shaker, Highball Glasses, Muddler

B&B Shrub Cocktail  

Frozen blackberries soaked in pure maple syrup overnight with a handful of basil leaves, and mixed with the secret ingredient- apple cider vinegar just before serving along with some soda makes for this lip-smacking mocktail! Want to take it to the next level? Just add Vodka and a few frozen blackberries!

Bar tools you need: A large glass decanter for soaking blackberries, Strainer, Short Tumbler to serve.

Green Tea Cocktail 

This sounds so healthy that you would like to give it a try right away! Iced Green Tea, Grapefruit Bitters, and Agave Nectar, on a bed of muddled cucumbers a shot of tequila, served in a tall glass with a cucumber slice on top. What’s not to like!

Bar tools you need: Ice Cube Tray for Green Tea, Vegetable Slicers, Muddler, Tall Glass

Probiotic Cocktail 

Yeah, we are going healthier for you this summer! This one requires a bit of prep but once you taste it, you wouldn’t mind keeping the stuff ready in your freezer for the next time! For the probiotic mix add Kefir grains, lemon rind, green tea, freshly squeezed lime juice in some water and keep it aside for at least 24 hours in an airtight glass jar, for the more adventurous, you can add pineapple or guava slices. Remember to keep the lid open, cover the mouth of the jar with a cheesecloth secured with a rubber band, and leave it to ferment and work its magic!

Strain and serve this healthy concoction with white rum shaken with crushed ice, a couple of French lavender flowers, some lime wedges, a few mint sprigs.

Bar tools you need: A glass jar, a shaker, strainer, slicers

Berry Tasty Whisky Cocktail 

Straight from the famed Glenmorangie Stable, here comes a sinful single malt cocktail that breaks all past notions of keeping whisky sacrosanct ; ) you know what we mean here, right!
Simply combine 60 ml Glenmorangie, 15 ml egg white, 20 ml grapefruit juice, 10 ml honey, and 1 bar spoon full of lush raspberry jam in a crystal old fashioned glass. Ice it up and you have a winner- a recipe by Dr. Bill Lumsden, Glenmorangie’s director of distilling.
Bar tools you need: Old Fashioned Glasses

Gin Fizz 

Gin Fizz aka White Lady, Bees Knees, Gin Sour, Clover Klub in one or the other variations works like magic. A simple and balanced cocktail with a bit of tart laced with a bit of sweetness. The soda water creates a frothy egg white foam crown.

All you need to do is shake together gin, lemon juice, maple syrup, and egg white in a cocktail shaker, and pour it into two glasses. Top off each glass with soda water, and watch the magic as carbonation meets egg white for a frothy foam topping!

Bar tools you need: Cocktail Shaker

Moscow Mule 

You have copper mugs, Vodka, and Ginger Beer. The classic from the 40s is your best bet as the three-ingredient cocktail is as easy to prepare as it goes down. Bubbly, tangy, and super easy to fix up, this one is right next to Margarita when it comes to parties or a lazy day at the patio. Combine ginger beer, lime juice, and vodka on ice in a copper mug. Why Copper Mug? Because traditionally this vodka “buck” (more on this in another blog) has always been served in copper mugs. And also, because copper takes on the temperature of the drink really fast and there’s something about the ice-cold copper rim touching your lips that a glass rim can’t replicate. 😉

Bar Tools you need: Copper Mugs


Stirring up the perfect cocktail is the easiest way to impress your house guests. The creativity rides high, and you can flaunt with your playful presentations. It’s not that difficult but you must remember a few tips to throw the coolest cocktail party, the best part is, you don’t need to be a pro, a few bar tools, and the proportions followed right, and you are all set!

On a parting note, here are some quick tips and tricks to rock your cocktail party-

1. Plan ahead, and plan well-

You need a specific amount of liquor, sours, mixers, citrus fruits, garnishes, and even spices. Plan a cocktail menu, and then calculate the amount you would need. Overstocking is better than running out.

2. Prep in advance-

Get your juices ready, ice-cubes going, garnishes sorted, and fruits chopped and sliced. If possible, even the glasses can be laid out. Doing this will make mixing quicker and you won’t look hassled.

3. There’s never too much ice-

And that’s the basic rule for a great cocktail party. Have a lot of clean, clear ice on hand.

4. Remember, for every cocktail, (almost) the ice goes first-

Followed by any spirit or shaken concoction you prepare.

5. Take any ordinary cocktail to the next level with garnishes like olives, spices, and fruits, keep them in plentiful by your side.

Time to jazz up your cocktail party with some snazzy drinks that will never go out of fashion!

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