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Article: 12 Unique drinking glasses you must have in your Home Bar

12 Unique drinking glasses you must have in your Home Bar

12 Unique drinking glasses you must have in your Home Bar

You can stock your home bar and kitchen with basic glassware from any old department store, but that’s so boring. Why not upgrade your home with our amazingly unique drinking glasses? 
These unusual-shaped glasses are designed to be far from average so that your drinking experience is more enjoyable and makes your home more unique. We make sure to find all kinds of glasses to suit your spirits of choice. No matter if you are looking for whiskey glasses, gin glasses, bourbon glasses, vodka glasses, wine glasses, or anything else, we have everything covered, all for you.
Now hosting a party should not be so intimidating. Having the right type of glass for all of the different types of drinks can enhance the drinking experience by far. Each of the glasses below is uniquely designed to highlight the strong features of the drink.
You can enjoy your liquor fanaticism without compromising on aesthetics. The design of the drinking glass not only caters to this aspect of the drinking experience but also must be comfortable for use.
Lion Head Glass
Sip your favorite drink in the unique and luxurious lion face glass. This glass will give a royal touch to your home bar. It is one of the best examples of premium quality and craftsmanship. It can be a perfect gift for a true bar-enthusiast! 


Mushroom Cocktail Glass
This transparent glass cup is made of high-quality glass. It is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and with high toughness, not easy to break. So you can use them for a long time.
Enjoy your refreshment in quality drinkware with the Mushroom Cocktail Glass. It is lightweight and comfortable to hold. This fashionable glass is perfect for your next drinks night.


Creative Bird Cocktail Glass
This bird-shaped cocktail glass cup is also made of high-quality glass. The cup mouth is thick, smooth, and transparent. It is lightweight and comfortable to hold. The innovative design and unique shape make this glass more attractive. Perfect gift for the one who likes the perfect rosy drink.


Heart Cocktail Glass
A perfect gift for her. Make a drink in these heart glasses, and you will have her heart forever. There is nothing more romantic than a drink served in this heart-shaped cocktail glass.



Old Fashioned Glasses 
This beautiful glass is made from top-quality borosilicate glass. The creative wooden design of a small mountain on the bottom of the glass is designed to protect the glass from slipping. The glass holder is made of solid wood. This cool set is a perfect fit for home bars, parties, or any special occasion.



Creative Cocktail Sipping Glass
This elephant-looking creative glass cup is made with transparent high-quality glass. It is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and simply amazing to sip the perfect summer drink. 



Creative Crystal Swan Shape Cocktail Glass 
Enjoy your drink in a whole new way! Our beautiful swan-shaped cocktail glass is lightweight and comfortable to hold. It is made of high-quality transparent glass. It is tough, not easy to break. Use this beautiful piece of artwork at your next home party and have some splashy fun.



Molecular Triangle Glasses
Modern glass designs can become a conversation of the party, so artful and unique they are. You don’t need much effort to impress your guests if you have stunning glasses.
Cone and Sphere are the ideal geometrical combination for bar glasses. The insulating air layer retains the temperature constant for a long time. A pure treat to senses, and geometry in motion.



Tulip Whisky Glasses 
Elegance defined. Sure, there are numerous styles of whiskey glasses out there, but not all of them get to be creative. Your guest will definitely ask where you got these from.



Luxury Hexagon Glasses 
These "Luxury Hexagon Glasses" are definitely a head-turner at parties. Be ready to answer everyone’s curiosity.
Based on everyone's holding habit, we feature a hexagon body with transparent crystal glass, rounded edges, and traditional thick bottom, which gives you the right feeling for every holding.



Wide Belly Whisky Glasses 
Enjoy the full-bodied flavor of your favorite whisky. A perfect gift for a whisky or spirit lover. Easy to clean and fun to display, these glasses are the perfect addition to your barware collection.



Crystal Irregular Glasses
Summer dinners are the most pleasant moments spent with friends. With endless conversations and stomachs filled with delicious food, a cool glass of cocktail will add a touch of satisfaction. And these crystal glasses will add extra fun and charm to your dinner nights.

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