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Article: 6 Quirky New Year Resolutions to swear by for 2021!

6 Quirky New Year Resolutions to swear by for 2021!
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6 Quirky New Year Resolutions to swear by for 2021!

Finally, 2020 is about to end. Phew! After a rather despondent year, it’s time to be the ever optimists that we have always been and start looking forward to the new year 2021! It’s that time of the year when you wish to start something new and end the year that is passing us by on a high note.

There are resolutions like losing weight, getting fit, and so on that are usually meant to be broken, then there are some really compelling, quirky ones, for all you bar enthusiasts out there. Here’s a list of 6 interesting and doable resolutions for you to choose from when you are making the promises to yourself. Got your own? Do share in the comments for us all here too!

1. Set up a new home bar

We know you love your drink. We also know you have meant to set up your own beautiful home bar. What’s stopping you? Why not start building a small one of your own instead of putting it off for another year? To start, cement your basics of mixology by reading and watching videos. Then get a tool guide and enlist the essential bar tools. Collect essential mixers, glassware, and barware and stock up on your favorite spirits, whiskey, rum, and wines. A home bar is not only a great space to curate your mixes, but it’s also a perfect place to celebrate with your friends and family. Setting up a new home bar allows you to show off your mixing skills too. So, promise yourself that next year you will build your own home bar space and be your own bartender and surprise your guests with your skills!

Here are the top tips from bartenders to set up your home bar


2. Learn a new cocktail or mocktail recipe every month

It’s great to have weekly parties but, repeating cocktail recipes can be a mood downer. For the new year, why not challenge yourself and learn something new? And when you are on it, consider these tips from experts for making cocktails at home. Try mixers and liquors that you haven’t tried before, experiment with them, and create new recipes. Having a new drink on the menu every month can help you expand your bar palate and give a hint of different flavors and mixology knowledge.

Get into the books and learn the art and science of mixology so that you curate the best cocktail every month. Who knows you invent a magical cocktail recipe which will become a must in every bar menu? Happy mixing!

If you are still a beginner, try these quick and easy recipes first, and then once you understand the chemistry of all the ingredients, experiment with your favorite ones.


3. Host monthly party at your place: Emphasize hospitality
Do not stop yourself this year from partying, especially home parties! Entertaining at home is going to be big next year, with the fear of pandemic hitting us all in waves. Why not set up a monthly ritual of gathering at home and celebrate life? It’s convenient, easy, and definitely less expensive than meeting outside!

Ring in the new year with style by hosting a big party of cocktails and mocktails, and unlimited crazy fun at your home bar. And later, emphasize hospitality to give the best experience of a home party to your friends every month. From creating lip-smacking cocktails to playing games like Never have I ever, you can throw a party they never forget.


4. Try a new beer each month

Do you call yourself Cerevisaphile or beer-enthusiast or beer buff? Yes? Then why not promise yourself that every month, you will try a new beer! There are several micro-breweries that are popping up that serve wonderful fare, and you could get it home delivered for a taste! Besides, there are 100+ types of beers in the world. Create a list of well-known types and strike off each every month as you go on the beer-tasting

voyage. Santé!

Try these Sleek & elegant beer tasting glasses to serve or taste different kinds of beers.

5. Be sustainable: Upcycle and Reuse

This new year, go sustainable and green. There are some simple things you can do with your home bar to ensure that your space is eco-friendly, sustainable, and equally beautiful. Nowadays, it’s not just what you serve. It’s more about how you serve. From avoiding plastic usage and better food waste management, a home bar can create much of an impact to make the earth more sustainable. Some of the tips you want to make to step up your sustainability are:

•  Avoid plastic like plastic straws. Instead, you can use these gold plated sleek straws, which also come with a cleaner.

  Conserve water: Do not waste. Re-use as much as possible. 


6. Introduce greenery in your life

Go Green! Decorate your bar space with potted plants, hanging basket plants, and climbers. You can also grow your own fruits and citrus in your garden. Real plants will help to filter the air inside your home. Also, they are the best pieces of decor you want to have for your home bar space. And they come free!

So here’s the shoutout to all you revelers, we really would like you to listen to your new year resolutions, start your lists, and do share with us. Cheers!


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