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Article: How To Plan A Cocktails And Games Night In!

How To Plan A Cocktails And Games Night In!

How To Plan A Cocktails And Games Night In!

The writer Oscar Wilde sure knew a thing or two about cocktails. A bit of a party animal himself, he said, "Hear no evil, speak no evil, and you won't be invited to cocktail parties."

If you're planning to throw a house party, here are some fun ways to mix things up, show off your newly acquired bartending skills, and add a little theater with your bar tools.  

Let The Spirits Flow

When planning the drinks menu, make sure you have a good idea of what everyone is drinking, whether it's whiskey, cocktails, or mocktails.

Take a guesstimate of how much they'd drink, so you don't fall short.

Besides the spirits, make sure you've got enough ice and mixers to last all evening. Keep water accessible at all times, so your guests can stay hydrated. 

Fire Up The Bar! 

One of the fun ways to serve spirit and add a little theatre is to serve it in a drinking funnel. As the evening progresses, serving shots is also a great idea, and it gets people really excited. 

How about investing in a roulette wheel with 16 shot glasses, to add that extra flair?

Have A Signature Cocktail

It's a fun idea to introduce at least one signature cocktail by putting your own spin on it. Give it a unique name, something with a dash of humor, and display it in a way that it receives the spotlight. Not only is it a fun way to push the boundaries on your bartending skills, but it can also work as a great conversation starter. 

Host These Drinking Games 

Some party games are better enjoyed under the influence. Drinks also a great way for your guests to connect with each other and make new friends. 

"Never Have I Ever," "Spin The Bottle," and "Do or Drink" work as really great ice breakers.  

Games like Jenga are also a great test of sobriety (or lack of it). 

P.S. These games also make awesome party gifts

Skip Dinner And Stick To Entrées

If people are drinking a lot, it's a good idea to serve lots of finger foods that are easy to consume. You just don't want people drinking on an empty stomach as this could result in some common party hazards that you'd rather avoid. Crostini, crab cakes, buffalo wings, and deviled egged are some popular choices.

Experiment With Glassware

These days there are a ton of funky glasses you can choose from to serve all kinds of drinks. Cocktails can be served right from sophisticated traditional cocktail glasses to disco ball cocktail straw cups. Whiskey can be served in wide belly whiskey glasses, or if you want something less conventional, in crystal irregular glasses. 

You also don't need to serve wine only in traditional wine glasses.

How about serving them in copper goblets?   

Get Out Those Bar Tools

With a little help from some handy bar tools, you can really amp up the quality of drinks served. 

A bar cocktail shaker set, an automatic wine bottle opener, a zester grater, and a seed plier scissor can be your best friends. 

These tools not only look great but also bring an ease-of-use to your bartending adventures. 

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