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Article: It’s Time To Find A Deck Of Cards Because Today Is Card Playing Day!

It’s Time To Find A Deck Of Cards Because Today Is Card Playing Day!

It’s Time To Find A Deck Of Cards Because Today Is Card Playing Day!

Card Playing Day is an opportunity and excuse to return to this age-old form of entertainment and to connect with your family and friends.

How to Celebrate?

  • Learn a new card game!

  • Host a card game night. Keep it simple, get take-out, or pop a few frozen pizzas in the oven, and get playing.

Here are 6 different types of card games you would love to play again and again: 

1. Sloshed 

Sloshed is a fun adult drinking game for all types of parties. It also makes a great 21st birthday gift! If you're looking for a good wedding game, bingo, Sloshed could be your answer. 

It is a straightforward game and can be played over and over again. There are 200 cards. The minimum age is 18+. Four or more players can play at the same time and have fun for hours. 

How To Play?

Complete a challenge, win points & choose who drinks! Unsuccessful? Pick up a forfeit card, lose a point and face the consequences! The game has three levels; Tipsy (one point), Rowdy (2 points) & Sloshed (3 points). Tipsy cards are ice breakers and can be played to get unacquainted folks together. Sloshed cards are brutal and not safe for work! 


2. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

This fun and hilarious drinking adult card game is the best way to start or even end your night! People will pass out from laughing; Get praised for hosting a game night that doesn't suck. “These Cards Will Get You Drunk Too” will make a perfect addition to the original game!  

  • Age Range: 21+ years

  • Compete, vote and screw your friends over with 100 dynamic cards - no two games are the same.

  • Super easy to learn and play - perfect for your party nights

  • Great for 2-8 players

  • Play with beer, shots, wine, whatever you and your friends prefer, but always drink responsibly!

How To Play?


3. Do Or Drink

Everyone has heard of this game; now it's time to play. Adults love ordinary party games too. But what if we play the ones that put party games at another level? What if we add some drinks to the game?

That’s what the “Do or Drink” game is. We play, but we also get drunk, and the next day, we may probably not remember what we did.

How To Play?

This game makes for an outrageous party in a box. Total 350 cards (175 black cards, 175 white cards). There are no "free skip" cards in this game - and let’s be clear, doing these dares will completely take your party to a new level, you will be talking about it for weeks after it ends. And let’s be clear, this card game is only for friends who are willing to get weird.


4. The Voting Game

The Voting Game is a party game that uncovers the hilarious truth behind your friendships. The game varies dramatically based on who you're playing with. Get to know each other - Personal stories are often shared after a revealing vote. Age: 18 plus, 160 question cards.

How To Play?


 5. Never Have I Ever

Definitely not for the faint of heart. Things might get weird… fast!

Relive all of life's awkward and embarrassing moments. Get to know your friends better. Includes 550 cards - 485 Never Have I Ever Play Cards and 65 Rule Cards

How To Play?

Everyone gets 10 Play Cards to start and takes a turn reading a Red Rule Card. During each round players have a chance to admit whether they are 'guilty' or 'not guilty of a Play Card. If you are guilty, you have to keep the card. If you are not guilty, you have to discard it. The first person to collect 10 Play Cards wins (or loses depending on how you look at life).

Each round, a new person will pick a Red Rule Card from the pile, read the directions aloud, and place it face-up on the table. Then, all the players (including the player that drew the rule card) do what the card says.  

6. Ultimate Drinking Game

9 drinking games in 1 amazing value collection. Every tin has a catchy title based around the game inside, and comes with a full set of game rules and cards. These pint-sized packs are all you need to get the party started. Each tin comes with a hinged lid. 

The opportunities for fun are almost endless! Have fun!


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