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Article: Let's Celebrate Friendship Day!

Let's Celebrate Friendship Day!

Let's Celebrate Friendship Day!

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International friendship day is celebrated on 30th July. The first idea of this day was introduced by Joyce Hall, in the 1930s. He embarked on the concept of “Friendship Day” so people can enjoy the special bond of friendship.
The Beauty Of Friendship
Friendship is a journey to enjoy along with your friend, supporting one another, providing comfort and encouragement, and unconditional love. It’s about sharing a part of your lives, and doing things together makes it a wonderful experience.
Friendship Day is celebrated to nurture friendships and bridge the gap between community, religion, and other barriers holding people back from enjoying with each other. Here are some fun ways to celebrate Friendship Day with your best buddies.
Send Postcard Or Letter To Your Friends
Write a letter or send a postcard and let them know how much you care. Let them recollect some of the best memories you had together. Writing a letter seems a bit old-fashioned, but this is the best way to express your love and let them know how special these people are in your life.

Spend Quality Time With Your Friends
If you'll be able to spend time with them, do it! Choose an activity that will allow you to catch up with one another and enjoy. This may vary with different groups of friends. Some might prefer playing drinking games at home, some may want to organize a home party for best friends, and others would enjoy watching a concert, game, or movie with a glass of wine. Either way, this is an excellent opportunity for you to rekindle the friendship again.
Surprise Your Best Friend On This Friendship Day
On this friendship day, ditch the regular gifts and buy your friend a Bar Set, Tiki Glass Set, or a Bar Suitcase. This would be a great gift for your Bar Enthusiast friend. Think about all the fun ways to surprise one another. 

Host A Fun Dinner Party
Have a fun dinner night in honor of a few of your nearest and dearest friends. Add a fun element to your party with drinking party games and activities. Raise your glass to propose a special toast in honor of your friends and let them know why they mean so much to you. 
According to William Shakespeare - "A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow."
The Bar Enthusiast family wishes you a very Happy Friendship Day.

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