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Article: Say Hello To Thanksgiving Fun

Say Hello To Thanksgiving Fun

Say Hello To Thanksgiving Fun

Today is Thanksgiving, one of the most beloved holidays. It’s a time where people surround themselves with family, friends, and way too much food while reminding themselves of all they are grateful for. 
What are you thankful for right now? Is it your ability to enjoy a cocktail in the evening with your partner or spend a fun weekend in the backyard with your kids? Is it because you have time to enjoy the people in your life that you are thankful for? No matter what you need, cherish all the good moments of your life and share them with your close ones. 
It’s time to rediscover what makes your family so special! Soon your loved ones will be coming together to share stories and laughter. It’s not every day that we can rejoice in these moments. 


Being Thankful
Let’s celebrate the people and things that we are most grateful for! Try some thankful conversation starters with your family, and take turns sharing your appreciation. What’s the perfect way to nurture your family’s Thanksgiving celebration? Take photos and videos, and save them all. 


Name Your Turkey
Have you considered naming the bird? Organize a playful competition. And whoever comes up with the most unusual name gets to have extra dessert!
Dress Up In Thanksgiving-themed Costumes
Instead of day-to-day clothes, kids can wear costumes, autumn-colored trees, or their favorite Pilgrims. Let adults wear the funniest or ugliest Thanksgiving-themed sweaters or socks.


Cook Together
Making and hosting Thanksgiving dinner is fun! Yes, cooking and preparing a big meal for loved ones does take some time. Take deep breaths and have some patience. But the outcome will be more enjoyable than you realize.
Cooking is one of the best bonding activities for families and making a delicious meal together is a blessing. Share old family recipes, secrets, and traditions with your children. In addition to delicious food, you’ll be making new memories as well. So gather everyone together and give it a try.
Take A Family Walk Through The Neighborhood
This is a lovely way to end the evening. After a delicious meal, gather your loved ones and take a nice walk in the neighborhood. Talk, hold hands and be thankful. While you are putting the turkey in the oven, having dinner, or saying goodbye to your last guest, may your home be filled with smiles, hugs, and good cheer. From our family to yours.


Catch Up With Family And Friends 
Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving or visiting family, the holiday is a great time to catch up with family members. If you are not spending the holiday with family, Thanksgiving is a great time to catch up with friends and enjoy this day.
Plan Shopping Strategy With Each Other
Thanksgiving is the perfect time to plan your Black Friday shopping strategy. Bring the lists, coupons, shopping savvy together for a fun time.


Decorate For The Holidays
Use the following Friday or Thanksgiving Day itself to set up holiday decorations for the soon-approaching Festivals. It will at least give you one less thing to do on Christmas.


Create A New Tradition
Challenge one of your family members to cook the turkey each year. Watch a slideshow of all the family photos of the previous year. Or enjoy a living room camp out. Whatever it is, make sure you stick to it. It will make the day feel unique, personalized, and cozy. Any one of these activities could turn into a family tradition, but there are tons of other options, too.


Enjoy A Few Thanksgiving Mocktails
If you are 21 plus, why not make the day feel a little fancier with some Thanksgiving-themed mocktails?


Have A Family Photoshoot
In this busy world, it's very hard to take a family photo. But if everyone is already together for the holiday, it's worth prioritizing a little photoshoot. In the future, you will be thankful you did a great thing.
The best gift of all to give this day is your time. It’s priceless and irreplaceable. So take a day off from your day-to-day work and enjoy this beautiful day with your loved ones.
Happy Thanksgiving From Bar Enthusiast!

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