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Article: The Art & Science of Mixology

The Art & Science of Mixology

The Art & Science of Mixology

Making a drink might seem like mixing things, but it’s just more than that. One needs sound knowledge and execution of chemistry and craft to make these masterpieces in the glass. A good cocktail when mixed with good ingredients in the right amount and dished out in perfect glassware can be a great crowd-pleaser.

Mixologists vs Bartenders

There is a subtle difference between a bartender and a mixologist. Bartenders are the ones who make basic cocktails and maybe trained typically for the job. But, a mixologist is a highly trained and skilled bartender who applies both science and art while creating beverages. As the tastes of customers have evolved, there is a necessity to understand the chemistry behind the making of cocktails. And, mixologists do understand and apply the chemistry and are able to deliver an enhanced drinking experience.

What a Mixologists can do?

Mixologists are called upon for special occasions due to their crisp understanding in ingredients and drink choices. They can develop signature drinks that fit perfectly to the specific details of any occasion. There are certain qualities that a bartender must have in order to deliver the best and unique: Understanding the basic science of solutions, temperature, heat, texture, etc. Mastering the existing drink recipes to a sophisticated level. Developing new varieties based on any classic cocktail. A fine understanding of all the glassware, barware, garnishes, and visual element to serve not just cocktail but an unforgettable experience. Experimenting on the available ingredients and creating the best out of them.

Science of Mixology

Making a cocktail that is delicious is one thing but making sure it tastes good without losing the punch of alcohol is something that not everyone can do. A good and calculated mix is behind the scenes of a good cocktail. There are certain techniques of molecular gastronomy to serve up drinks that change color, texture, and smoke. The aromatic scent, the magical cloud, and that colorful divine wind over the cocktail, everything is possible when you know the science behind creating stunningly amazing cocktails.

Also, do not forget ICE. It is one of the most important components of the cocktails. It not only chills the cocktail, but it becomes a part of it when it melts. And when it dilutes, it should add the flavor.

How Glassware affects the experience?

The science of mixology mainly depends on two different factors: the choice & blend of flavors and your glassware. Mixology requires particular attention to detail, and knowledge of your day-to-day ingredients like spirits, bitters, refreshers, garnishes, ice, etc. Knowing about your glassware and barware is also as important as knowing about your ingredients. It might sound a little weird, but certain shapes and styles of glassware not only look impeccable for presentation, but they also enhance the flavor of what you’re drinking. Serving in the best glassware is the only way customer interacts with the cocktail.

So cocktail making really isn’t just the mixing of few things and calling it a ‘cocktail’. It requires knowledge of science and a hint of art. Go beyond the ordinary and dive deep into your customers' minds to serve them the best.

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