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Urvashi Deshpande

Hi There,

I'm Urvashi.

Some people love sports, and some are passionate about music or art. Then some are passionate about Netflix or iPhone as well (but let’s not go that far).

For some people, it comes easy – understanding exactly what they are passionate about. For others, it grows over the years – the passion gradually ages to perfection like a good bottle of wine!

I belong to the latter group!

Over the past decade, I have had a successful day job as a marketing professional in multinational companies spread across various industries - manufacturing, retail, hospitality, healthcare, leisure and entertainment.

While I have a successful stint going I did often wonder what am I passionate about.

Surprisingly, always did that with a drink!

It gradually dawned that my interest was right in my hand!

Yes, I was and am always passionate about that perfect drink!

There isn’t anything that excites me more than learning and understanding about drinks. From understanding the science and history of drinks to drinking games; from hosting picture-perfect drinks parties to arranging the Perfect Bar – my interest hovers around the world of drinks.

So, here I am, sharing my passion with the like-minded.

After thorough research and thrust to acquaint myself in every aspect before venturing out on this new journey, I pursed the art of making the perfect cocktails, the essentials required for bartending and also specialized in making tiki cocktails from the European Bartender School.

By the end of these learning experiences, I became certain about one thing: is my canvas that I want to share with my fellow co-enthusiasts.

Bar-Enthusiast is a culmination of my decade-long experience in this field. It is a carefully curated wisdom on spirits, beers, and cocktails and everything you need to build your first or enhance own existing Home Bar

To all those who eagerly look forward to the magic with drinks presented by the mixologists, here is a chance to be one yourself.

Be a bar-artist in your home-bar!

Create art in spirits and drinks in your home bar just like a professional mixologist.

Sip and serve your magical creations! Be the artist!

Here’s to all artists like me “Cheers”!


Urvashi Deshpande