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Article: Best ideas for an epic movie night or sports night at home

Best ideas for an epic movie night or sports night at home

Best ideas for an epic movie night or sports night at home

Create a perfect movie or game night at your home with a homebar- we have it all laid out for you!

It’s that time of year again, and after a whirlwind time partying into the new year, there is a time when staying in and watching a movie sounds like the perfect way to unwind. A warm fire, your favorite film or a live game of football with some tasty snacks and favorite drinks sounds like fun!

No more going to sports bar, missing out on the crucial last minutes of the game or not getting your favorite front seats near the screen. You can have the most premium seat right next to your own TV screen, giving you a perfect way to celebrate the game or enjoy your favorite movie.

Let’s discuss exactly how a movie or a sports night can take place at your home with just a few essentials, and a vibrant, pulsating home bar!

Create a perfect movie/sports night platter!

A movie or sports night platter is essentially a charcuterie board served with delicisious nibblets that can be enjoyed alone or with family or friends! All you need is a cheese board and knives, for the delectable fruits, meats, and cheeses that you wish to serve. A cheeseboard is a versatile way of serving the delicacies and takes away a lot of hosting worries.  A fun way of sharing colorful food which is visually appealing and can be done in a million ways.

What can you serve? Honestly, anything you fancy is good to go! Fresh or dried Fruits like grapes, berries, olives, with cured meat, chunks of salami or sausages, bread rolls, fresh cucumbers, some dips like honey or hummus, crackers, cheeses, etc. Snacks, even desserts can be served on a platter!

Let everyone have a break with one of your drinking games!

It almost always happens that halfway through a great movie, we all feel we could do with another one, and more often than not, we all end up watching trailers of at least half a dozen movies only to decide what to watch next! 

Before you vote for yet another movie, why not give the night an interesting twist? Its always better to keep that remote aside and indulge in some gadget free entertainment. After all, the benefit of having a home party is that you can change the mood of the evening with just a few things handy. Like this extremely hilarious Voting Game that uncovers hilarious truths about your lifelong friendships.

Serve a brew in just the right amount!

If you want the night to go on, it’s best to serve drinks in portions that keep the spirits high but the mood upbeat. The beer tasting set comes to your rescue. Serve locally sourced brews  on a smart platter with glasses that let the guests decide their favorite malt of the day. A beer tasting set is just right to  get the conversations flowing and helps you and your guests relax while time-outs or short breaks.

You can even opt for some fun drinking glasses to serve cocktails in like this fun Test Tube Set which holds just the right amount of taste for your guests to try their hands and for you to show off your new honed mixology skills.


Some more games!

A roulette wheel with shot glasses to bring the flavor of a casino right inside your home ? You got it!

Or , how about a dart game to bring in some action packed serious drinking to the fore?

The choices are really limitless when you wish to set your home as the hottest party venue. The best part about home parties is the intimacy that they offer and you can be completely relaxed and enjoy the night out with your family and friends. Home parties also give you a chance to create a relaxed and easy bond with people you truly care about. The party accessories like serving boards, tasting kits and mixing kits are the best way to let the guests take the party forward! 

We hope you have a great time shopping and an even more amazing time planning and hosting a party soon!

Do share your party plans, ideas, and memories with us!

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