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Article: New Year. New Home Bar Trends

New Year. New Home Bar Trends
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New Year. New Home Bar Trends

How is the new year going for all you bar enthusiasts? We are sure you all had a blast and loads of interesting drinks at the New Year's Eve bash. Last year has seen a disruption in everyone's lives. With the bars taking a big hit, people started looking for alternatives.

We all toyed with the idea. Some of us even started putting together concept home bars at our homes. Now, with the COVID easing down, bars and pubs have opened. But the danger is still out there, and no one should take the risk unless it's indispensable, we believe.

Going bar hopping with your pals is definitely fun, but a home bar allows a person to enjoy wild parties in the comfort of home. Think about saving time that you often do while getting stuck in traffic or waiting for your friends to arrive to get in! And do you remember the long queues outside bars? With social distancing becoming a new normal, how feasible would that be? If anything, this pandemic has definitely taught us to improvise to survive, and looking in instead of going out is the latest trend. Considering the limited options, it's natural for everyone to redesign & reinforce their home bar's qualities.

We bring you some really excellent home bar trends for the new year that you can use to bring out a character to your home bar. After all, 2021 is the year of hope or cautious optimism, and we would like you to enjoy it safely, indoors, with people you really love and care about!

Create or re-invent a cool happy hour spot with these trends from all over the world in 2021.

1. Outdoor bar:

Bring it outside! Yes, you heard it right. Move your home bar somewhere else. Build it in your backyard garden, fill in the greenery, or get creative with your rooftop or balcony. It can be simple or elaborate as your budget allows. Outdoor bars are the best destination for a night party or even a lazy Sunday brunch. Attach your home bar with a sit-out, a grill, and a bonfire for winter night parties with your family and friends. What more would you want?

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2. Create a gallery wall:

If you have enough space and can sacrifice a wall just for the home bar, we have a crazy idea that will enhance the appeal of your home bar. Personalize your home bar wall with pictures of your friends, families, favorite artists, bands, random memories, or posters of different beers, cocktails, funny bar quotes, etc. Let the wall be a talking point that brings the barriers people have been finding hard to let go of ever since the pandemic hit us hard!


3. Light up your space:

Just a couple of light don't do justice to your home bar space that you have created with so much labor of love. It's not just fair to not have focus and mood lighting at a perfectly done home bar. Use lights as per the mood and party- Who would want to sip an old fashioned whiskey or rum in a brightly lit bar? Use lights that can be dimmed to get a relaxed and moody ambiance. For a weekend or festive parties with friends and families, use bright colored lights to highlight the place.

Tip: You can use empty liquor bottles and set LED lights in them. You can even create a chandelier out of it. It will give a rustic look to your home bar.


4. Go Shelving:

Save up space and make your home bar a sophisticated addition to your living space by installing wooden shelves. They can serve as storage, counters, and lighting space. Use your creativity to design the best shelve decor that fits your taste and personality. Add up a barrel and an ice bucket.


5. Enhance wood accents:

Wood continues its streak as a popular material to add rustic texture to space. Make your tabletop, shelves, stools, and lighting base out of wood. It creates a vibe for great conversations, excellent companions, and good times. Choose what kind of furniture and the kind of wood you need that suits your style and budget. There are plenty of options for wooden bar furniture, and a lot of them look fabulous, but in the end, always go for the right blend of comfort and style. Visualize the space and decor, and invest your money wisely.

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6. Accessories:

Styling the home bar space with accessories is a lot of fun. Essential bar accessories that create a fun vibe should grace your home bar. Check out our list of top home bar essentials you should invest in. Also, it is better to choose a theme you want to incorporate. Add-ons like bottle openers, coasters, decanters, wooden/metallic bottles, metal lamps, vintage clocks, etc.


So, let's go with the trend and re-build the home bar. 2020 gave us all some real lemons, let's make a tequila shot with them in 2021! Sláinte!!


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