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Article: Home Bar Stories that will Warm your Heart

Home Bar Stories that will Warm your Heart
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Home Bar Stories that will Warm your Heart

There can’t be something more bespoke than your very own home bar. A place that is the labor of your love for finer things in life. When it comes to letting your hair down, a home bar is the best place, because it is located in your home, a place where you are safe, happy, and look forward to building more memories!

A home bar is every home owner’s dream. It could just be a corner with your favorite barware and cozy furniture or it could be an elaborate affair in your home, the place has to have good vibes, style, and an individuality that defines you. Home bars are a great option to explore if you love to spend time with your friends and family, but find it hard to do so in these times of social distancing. A place which recreates the good times you had on an evening out with your friends, enjoying a good game of football at a sports bar, or just chilling with your besties at a girls’ night out, a home bar gives you a chance to relive all those fond memories, savor the much-needed break and get back to the routine life with even more zeal and fervor.

Some stories at home bars should never come to an end. Here, we have put together some fond moments, leave a comment if you too have lived these memories, or share which ones from your own are your favorite!

  1. The “bad day at work” story: At every party at home, you would find someone walking in late, still in their day’s work attire, the frown lines a little deeper, and the face a little darker. Bad day at work? That was an easy one to guess. A guest walking in with the world’s burden on their shoulder wouldn’t be the first one to do so- but the moment when you reach out to them, without words, but a smile on your face and a stiff drink later, you will notice that the day’s weariness has begun to wash away, and frowns soon turn into smiles. The investment in the home bar seems worth it right then!

  2. The “he said, she said” story: Your best friend and her partner just had a major tiff, right before they walked into your home. The freezing cold stares are like daggers they are shooting at each other, trying their best to pretend nothing has happened. But you know your gal, she has something that she wants to share but doesn’t want to spoil your evening fun. You know you should stay out of a lover’s tiff, but you also want them to patch up and enjoy the night. A cool beer for him and a cocktail for her and you soon see them easing up- you may even see them making it up, while your gal relaxes her shoulders a wee bit, you know that it may not be over yet, but at least they are on to a good start to the weekend! Cheers to that and you for bringing them back together-without saying a word!

  3. The couple story: This is one of my favorites. An out and out “aww” moment where a new guy in the group who is finding it hard to laugh at the now-so-familiar jokes or countless funny moments recapped by the rest of the gang, suddenly finds himself standing near the bar, mixing up a great drink. Oh! You didn’t know that about him yet, did you? His fun, yet shy side is revealed, and this guy is suddenly laughing, joking about, and maybe asking one of your friends out already! It is heart-warming to see how, in just a matter of a few hours, friendship or even love of a lifetime could blossom. Imagine their joy when they recall it all started at your home by your home bar!

  4. The “breaking the news” story: Life is all about embracing changes, accepting challenges, and moving on with more enthusiasm than ever. In present times, when we all faced the very dramatic and distressful situation of being forced to stay apart from our favorite people who are also our support system, we now know that video chats, calls, and emails can’t replace the warmth and comfort of human company. Life did move on for almost all of us in the last few months- a friend has big news to share - an engagement, a promotion, a new business, or even a pregnancy! What better place to cheer them on than your home bar! Go ahead, encourage them to share their big story, and as their faces glow in the lights of raised toasts, all the sad moments from the past are a thing of the past!

  5. The “coming of age” story: Staying at home for long durations with our families have given us a chance to explore our unique sides, and also to pause, reflect, and respect on how diverse we are as individuals. Before you know it, your children have exchanged their awkward teenage phase and moved into the realm of confident, young men and women, ready to take on the world. As they prepare to fly out the nest, make sure your comfortable camaraderie gets stronger with a clink. A drink shared with your younger self is the best way to pass on your advice to them before they go on to make their own mistakes and learn from them!

  6. The “reveal all” story: When the juicy details of the latest gossip compete with spicy cocktails in your home bar, you know that the evening will end on a memorable note with guests dying to get back to your place soon! A friend with all the latest deets on the “scandal” is the best person to have around you at your home bar. These stories may or may not be true, but the peals of laughter and gawks shared are! Let the tell-all begin and leave you rolling in laughter!

    A stylish home bar that invites people in and makes their magical moments is a very very special place. Traditional bars and watering holes are a far-fetched dream with social distancing norms and the general despondency, but a home bar lets you recreate the very same sparkling times with family and friends. Especially as the holiday season is upon us, we owe it to our future selves to have some great memories from this year to look back on. Try it, and do remember to share your favorite story from that night when everyone gathered at your home bar!

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