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Article: Quirky and Fun Holiday Gift Ideas

Quirky and Fun Holiday Gift Ideas

Quirky and Fun Holiday Gift Ideas

 The festive season is right there. We’re counting down the days and time is going by quickly! Choosing gifts for your loved ones has always been a difficult task. But, Don’t worry. We’ve got you there. Buying a gift for a friend or relative who is a bar enthusiast or obsessed with the home bar has just got easier with our holiday gifting guide which has some of our favorite home bar gift ideas.

1. Bar Space

It all starts with a bar table or a cart or a shelf. Gift them the perfect looking bar furniture with enough space for basics. If it’s a cart, you guys can wheel it over to your swimming pool and have the best Christmas party with your family and friends. Make sure it is premium looking and a space saver which can accommodate almost everything a home bar needs. You can also go with a wooden wall shelf with a foldable serving surface and a storage area to keep all your bottles, glassware, and barware.

2. Suitcase Bar Set

Is your friend a bartender who loves to travel? How about a sleek home bar packed in a
suitcase? Sounds cool? We’ve got a super cool stylish looking Suitcase bar set. This case comes
with 3 whiskey glasses and a few more essentials tools in an attractive leatherette finished box.
It’s the perfect blend of gifting, homebar, and travel. Travel, craft drinks, and get them talking
about your bar set and crafting skills.

3. Coasters

How cool is it to gift someone who is into the gym & fitness: a dumbbell. Well, yeah! Not the
actual heavy ones but these cool dumbbell coasters to protect your table from the stains. Place
them under chilled beer mugs or cocktails, and your friends have to never worry about the
countertops getting damaged. You can also go with these luxury pieces of leather marble. This
set is a great addition to your friend’s modern homebar.

4. Ice Maker

After a hard day of work, nothing is more relaxing than a chilled drink. Gift them these diamond
and round Ice makers and re-invent the way of their drinking. These are silicone based Ice trays,
sealed and balanced, and will not leak or tip in the freezer.
Imagine parties with these super cool crystalline diamonds in the whiskey glasses. Pair this with
bar-enthusiasts’s premium silver and copper Ice bucket which comes with Tongs for extra

5. Shaker Set

The best gift of the decade for him if he is as mad as us for home bars. This Shaker set has
almost everything to make the best cocktail, right from the spoon to the shaker, you name it. It
has 11 pieces necessary for mixing, made up of sleek and durable stainless steel which is also
easy to wash.
Added Bonus: It comes with a crafted wooden stand with slots for convenient storage. We
promise you, this set will make them talk about you every time they are making drinks for their

6. Bottle Opener

The most important part of the bar set and yet people forget to keep one. We know how
embarrassing it is. So, Gift them these unique bottle openers. These won’t disappoint you. Few
of our bests are Wooden bottle opener and rustic yet premium key bottle openers.

7. Wine Glasses

They say- A bottle of wine is always a special gift for someone you love. Yeah, Of course. But
you can make that gift even better by adding 2 beautiful wine glasses and a decanter. If you
really want to raise the stakes, place everything in the wooden basket and pair the wine and

glasses with a leather wine bag, flowers, a wine bottle opener, and dark chocolate. What’s
more beautiful than this to gift it to your special ones for Christmas.

8. Garnish Picks

A must in yours and your friends’ barware and tools. Amplify the styling in mixing and
garnishing by using our garnish picks for cocktails and mocktails. This set includes 4 picks. Give a
refined look to your gathering as these beautiful spears make your drink a signature one.
Pick garnishes in style!

9. Ingredients

These are the perfect gifts for mixologists who like to experiment with unique ingredients. You
can gift bitters of different flavors. You can also gift them potted plants of spices like mint,
thyme, rosemary, etc. This would not just make their home bar ambiance cool but they can also
use it for garnishing.

10. Games

Why not add a twist-fun to their party by gifting them drinking games such as this cool Football
drinking game or this dart game. Parties are never meant to bore you. It’s not always about
booze and music. Therefore, it’s essential to have these drinking games up your sleeve to take
your party to another level.

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