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happy new year


Most of us will be welcoming 2021 at home this year. And, who doesn't want to celebrate new year's eve with family and friends at your home drink station? It's the perfect occasion to fill your home bar with essentials. Stock up your home bar and celebrate the end of 2020 with your friends and family without going to sweaty and crowded bars. Though one should not wait for an occasion to set up the home bar, we have suggested a few "essentials" for this new year's eve.

Make sure you have basics shelved up:

You'll want to buy a bottle of each of the elemental spirits: gin, vodka, bourbon, rum, and tequila. It's good to have vermouth, bitters, seltzer, tonic, fresh lemons, and limes & martini olives. These home bar essentials are ideal if you're looking for a set up where guests can serve themselves. Our advice is to fill your home bar with basics, but at the same time, don't overcrowd it with too much variety. Pick one or two of your favorite cocktails, prep garnishes ahead of time, keep the glasswares ready, and mix the same beverage all night. If you're keener on serving, say, wine, select one red variety and one white. Also, be supportive of sober guests and designated drivers. You have plenty of options, from fruit-infused mocktails to ginger beer. 

Take stock of your barware:

Once you know what you are serving, run a barware count—check out essential barware from For making your signature cocktail, you need this 11 piece cocktail shaker set. It comes with a beautiful wooden stand with slots for convenient storage. And, you do not want to break your head to buy separate hand-tools from different places. We also have this stylish bar toolset with a black nickel finish and a marble base. Create art out of your cocktail with these tools. 

You will want to make sure you have enough champagne for a toast when the clock strikes midnight. Be prepared by chilling your bottle 30 minutes beforehand in ice-buckets.

Know what glassware you need:

Don't overfill your home bar space with unnecessary glassware. If you are not serving beer on your new year's eve, you don't need to invest your money and bar-space in beer glasses. Don't overcomplicate!

This new year, bring the cocktail magic to your party. Whether you're keeping things low key this year or watching the ball drop at a big bash, nothing says "Happy New Year" quite like a festive cocktail. Get cocktail glasses that can be used for almost all types of cocktails, like a highball glass. If you are looking for variety, get margarita glasses, rocks glasses, champagne flutes, and Martini. You can also try these hammered copper plated mugs. They are stunning!

Try these quick and easy cocktail recipes for the night and follow these tips from bar-enthusiast to plan a cocktail night on new year's eve.


How about fun games?

Music, food, booze, friends, and lights are essential things to have a blast and warm up your night. But do you know how you can jazz up your new year's eve more? Drinking Games! What's crazier than playing with friends and booze? From never have I ever to Hammer shot, we have got you covered!

Get these crazy drinking games and bring fun to your place.

Don't forget the ice!

You have purchased your favorite spirits, squeezed juices, mixed stuff. You have got shakers, mixing glasses and your glasswares all shined up. And then, you put those regular ice cubes in your cocktail, that's lame!!

Think again; there is so much more to filling those ice trays and calling it a day. Use different kinds of ice: Big cubes, small-sized ice, crushed ice, pebbled ice, etc. If you are serving whisky, you need a big chunk of ice in your whiskey glass. It will melt slowly, and that means whiskey won't be diluted over time. Crushed ice melts quickly and gives water too fast, and hence, it is best for cocktails. 


These traditional ice cubes are boring and old school. Level up your style of serving and impress your guests by using these diamond-shaped ice maker. Keep your ice-buckets filled with some praiseworthy shimmer that reflects in your drinks too!

So, get ready to start the count down and send 2020 with a bang! Don't forget the midnight toast. Cheers!

Also, Are you a real bar-enthusiast? Yes? Then we have a list of 6 quirky and doable resolutions for you to choose from when you are making the resolutions for 2021.

See you next year!

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