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Article: 9 Cocktail Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

9 Cocktail Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

9 Cocktail Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

The year 2020 threw us all for a loop. It has been tough to even think of what's yet to come in the year 2021. The year started on a tentative celebration, less than enthusiastic convictions, and almost no new year resolutions. Whatever is going to happen, home entertaining and home bar trends can stay. So here are nine cocktail trends to watch out for in the year 2021.

Cleaner cocktails will be the need of the hour

Low-calorie cocktails with less sugary add-ons are the need of the hour. People had a lot of time at their hands in 2020, and they have been researching healthier cocktail options that are easy to burn off. Think less sugary stuff and more drinks with delicious fruit juices, vegetables, and fresh herbs.  The trend of keeping it healthy and clean while at home will continue, and the stress on healthier, sustainable cocktails at home, which are easy on calories, will continue through 2021. 

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The Grand Comeback of Mocktails

"Mocked" (pun intended) as poor cousins of Cocktails, mocktails are gaining resurgent popularity, riding high on eating clean and green. Many guests today are shying away from alcoholic drinks that leave them with that dreaded hangover. They have reason to do so because today's mocktails bring all the depth and taste they are looking for in a cocktail. They cover the social aspect of drinking and partying minus the calories, carbs, and alcohol. Mocktails are no more straightforward lemon based on fruit juice-based drinks. They have replaced spirits with fresh fruit juices, creams, vegan replacements, syrups, and herbs and spices. Whether it is for health reasons or only out of curiosity, since the pandemic hit us, mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages that can be crafted and consumed at home have gained popularity.

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Low Alcohol or lighter cocktails

Non-alcoholic offerings, zero-proof vermouths, bitters, wine, sherry, and even champagne are now common ground for cocktails. These low alcohol cocktails are packed full of flavor and won't be too hard on their systems. Flavored with barks like cinnamon, flowers, zest, seeds, herbs, and spices, these fortified wines are versatile; they give you ample opportunity to create unique cocktails that will delight your guests. Vermouths are an acquired taste. But mixed with a flavored syrup mixed with vermouth can yield interesting flavor balancing bitterness with the fruit's unique taste.

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Going green with environment-friendly straws

Plastic waste has only gone up with most of the world going the disposable way, and masks have become ubiquitous. As it poses one of the most significant environmental challenges globally, plastic straws and stirrers have become a thing of the past. Using reusable straws like copper or metal straws and metallic cocktail spoons will not only add unmatched value to your home bar, it will also give the guests a chance to explore the drink differently. 

Presentation is everything

With the ever-increasing prevalence of social media, your guests would want to stand out with their drinks at your cocktail party in 2021. While you serve cocktails with cloches and smoke guns, adding artistic garnishes, or presenting your drinks in artfully designed glassware or metal glasses like this Gold Pineapple Cocktail Glass will be looked upon. These glasses help develop unique and eye-catching presentations and ensure your guests have a truly unforgettable and Insta-worthy experience.

Flair Bartending

Many of us have practiced moves and learned the art of manipulating bar tools and liquor bottles to dazzle our guests while we were stuck at home. If adding style and performance to entertain guests with your mixology skills is your thing, take it to the next level with flair bartending. The spin of the tin in hand or the twist of the spoon in the finger is some of the easy-to-learn moves that add finesse and spectacle to your mixing presentation at your home bar. With just a few simple moves, you can set your cocktail party apart from the rest as it is entertaining and enjoyed by everyone who is missing going out to a bar for having a drink craft-flaired by their favorite bartender.

Take out the old, bring in the new!

Why not break the mould and tradition this year and explore exciting receptacles to serve your drinks in? Copper glasses are set to be fond favorites of your guests, offering both stylish and contemporary look that instantly impresses. Striking tiki glasses are also a perfect complement to the exotic and flavourful nature of your rum-based cocktail.

So, if you want to stand out, figure your way away from martini glasses, wine glasses, or highball and rocks glasses, bring in copper and gunmetal glasses, utensils, jars, beakers, interesting flutes like these double-layered champagne flutes, and many more.

Fun is in

People have all been mixing cocktails at their homes for months, and now, they want to be together and have fun. Elevated and elaborated cocktails are hugely popular, and guests are all going to rave about a fantastic concoction like Probiotic Cocktail. If anything, good that came out of 2020, it was people having more time to pick up new hobbies.

 From Dalgona coffee to sourdough, everyone was proudly showing off their at-home skills. But at the same time, mixology gained unexpected popularity, showing no trend of slowing down in 2021.

Liqueurs, mixers, and schnapps are very common at all home bars, and more and more people are using their internet-acquired skills to make signature cocktails and replicate their favorite bar's aura. With the uncertainty still looming large over going out for a drink, home bartending is sure to be a mainstay. And so, will all the fun of mixing your drink.

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Going local- Let's Hear It for Terroir

Terroir (Pronounced- TeyWa) was once restricted to some high-minded wine talk. But it has now infiltrated the spirit world.  It refers to local conditions in which a particular wine or family of wines is produced- like soil type, weather conditions, topography, and technique of making the spirit. The world has shrunk, and we all have become a bit less global. But on the other hand, it has allowed us to drink more local. More and more cocktails are now concocted with whatever is locally available, and no -fuss is upheld with a loud "Cheers!" at all home parties.

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So, what are you waiting for? Want to take advantage of these latest trends? Our extensive range of bar supplies has everything you need to create delicious cocktails and present them in a truly unforgettable way.

Check out our extensive collection of cocktail shakers, glassware, wine accessories, and serve ware. 

Online meetups and soirees are here to stay, but they are no substitute for face-to-face interactions with your near and dear ones. There is no substitute for human contact, the sharing of knowledge and real social connection, with glass in hand.

Let's all drink to that in 2021.

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