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Article: Why you should have drinking games at your parties?

Why you should have drinking games at your parties?
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Why you should have drinking games at your parties?

The legendary Greek philosopher Aristotle said, “Man is by nature a social animal”. Society is something that introduces the individual. Man cannot survive alone. He must satisfy natural and basic needs to survive. Sitting at home and checking on social media what everyone else is doing gets quite boring. Everyone feels cheery when they socialize, and there's nothing more social than spending time with your friends on a Thursday night. Socializing makes you happier.
Since COVID is still doing rounds, house parties with closed ones are the best option. Invite friends, family members or colleagues to your house. Play good music, keep the conversation flowing, dance with them. Party games are a great way for your guests to connect and bond. But how do you make it even cheerful? You guessed it right 😉 Drinking games
There are so many types of drinking games which will help you to explore your below skills:-
Check Your Speed
Some games encourage each player to drink continually from their shot glasses until the player before them stops drinking. These kinds of games promote speed rather than capacity. Just like the Drinking Foosball Game.
Test Your Thinking Power
Thinking games depend on the players' mental strength, observation, memory, and logic. Different types of thinking games exist, including Ship Wrecked, Drinking Golf and many more.
Improve Hand-Eye Coordination
Drinking games like Dart Game, Tic Tac Toe, Bowling & Shuffle Game and Bottle Toss Game require a high level of attention and hand-eye coordination. These skills not only make you the life of the party but may also help you in your day-to-day life!
Enhance Your Physical Power
Some party games focus on the performance rather than the amount a participant drinks or the speed with which they do so. One of the popular examples is Hammer Shot.
Play Courageously With Cards
Drinking games involving cards include Never Have I Ever or DO OR DRINK. You can’t just win these with tactics, you also require courage to play. 
Be Artistic
Movie drinking games are played while watching TV and have a set of rules for "who drinks", "when" and "how much" based on events and dialogue playing on TV. If you are a music lover you can also include music instead of dialogue to make it more entertaining for you. 
Keep it Simple, Silly
And if you don’t have the time or aren't particularly in the mood for something complex, you could always play the classic, Spin The Bottle. In this game, the players compete to out-drink one another. Players take turns, taking shots, and no complaints here, if it points at you, you have to drink.
The more consistently you play, the more you enhance your alertness, athleticism and party spirit. Most drinking games require teamwork which helps strengthen the bonds between you and your friends. Make crazy memories with these fantastic Drinking Games.
Have Fun! Cheers!







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