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Article: Wine Etiquette- All You Need to Know

Wine Etiquette- All You Need to Know
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Wine Etiquette- All You Need to Know

Wine has become the go-to beverage at the end of a long day when all you want to do is lie on the couch and laze through the rest of the evening. Wine is the perfect spirit to calm your nerves without causing a hangover aftermath. The perfect blend of taste and alcohol allows you to enjoy the little moments of any evening sip by sip.

Although a large population is fond of this enticing glass of liquor, only a few are aware of the etiquette that is required to be followed while enjoying wine. Fear no more in this department, because we have got you covered with some interesting facts on Wine Etiquette.


Wine and Food - What Food Goes Best with Wine?

Wine has become the beverage of choice on a night focussed on dinner gathering with friends and loved ones, but there is always a definite range of food groups that gel perfectly with the wine you choose to drink. People believe it is ideal to drink white wine with white meat, like chicken, fish and pork; and red wine with red meat like beef and mutton.

The wine you choose accelerates the flavour of the meat you have with it and gives your palette an overall pleasure. When having wine with cheese, the flavour or the strength of the flavour of the cheese must be considered. 

If the cheese is on the saltier side you would want to combine it with a glass of white wine as it’s sweet flavours complement the salty cheese the best. A bold flavour of cheese will go best with the ecstatic flavour a bottle of red wine brings to the table. An aesthetic and visually pleasing way to serve this combination of wine and cheese can be achieved by the use of our Cheese Board and Knives Set.


Let it Flow- How to Open A Wine Bottle Right 

Opening a wine bottle can be slightly tricky especially if you are a newbie at it as the cork may slide inside the bottle instead of coming out and is a definite taste spoiler and can ruin the flavour of the wine. 

Here’s how to open the wine bottle in a correct manner-

To begin with- the foil around the top of the bottle needs to be removed. This step is the easiest step and having a foil cutter handy makes it a lot easier. 

Wipe the bottle before using a corkscrew to avoid cork pieces from slipping into the bottle. Rotate the corkscrew into the cork and push down the lever to open up the bottle. Pour about ½ cup of wine in each glass and wipe the bottle once again to avoid any spillings.

Our Rabbit Bottle Opener Cork Screw Set is a lifesaver when it comes to opening tricky wine bottles and makes the entire process far easier to execute.


How to Hold a Wine Glass- The Basics of Wine Drinking 

Holding a wine glass is also an art in itself. When holding a stemmed wine glass, make sure you hold the glass by the stem to avoid the warmth of your hands from warming the cold wine. Before sipping the wine, always inhale the fragrance of the wine to accustom your taste buds to the flavour. 

Once you have enjoyed the fragrance, take a small sip and savour the wine for a while. Do not gulp it immediately, you will miss out on the flavours of the drink. Your wine drinking and savouring experience can be enhanced by the use of our Black Stem Wine Glasses

On the surface, being mindful of etiquette for a simple home party with your friends seems unnecessary but when in a public set up or at a house party, it will prove to be a powerful tool to attract attention and create a great impression as well. Hope our tips and tricks have helped you enhance your wine experience.


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My friend invited me to a girls’ night out next Saturday, and I’m worried since it’s my first time going to a bar. I appreciate the advice about holding a stemmed wine glass by the stem to avoid warming the cold wine with your hands. I will surely remember this tip when we go to the bar this weekend.

Anna Collins

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