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Article: Love Yourself! Be Yourself!

Love Yourself! Be Yourself!

Love Yourself! Be Yourself!

For years fairy tales have led us to believe that a knight in shining armor is just around the corner. Our prince charming will arrive and rescue us from any scary prospects of spending the time in aloneville for the rest of our lives.But , this is 2021, and we have just faced one of the most challenging, gruelling, and excruciatingly lonely year 2020. We all have learnt a lot more about ourselves when we were forced to coop up in confined places with little or no way to get lost in the daily rush and madness.

In this era of solitude, many people have come forward to tell us how these unusual circumstances helped them find themselves. Over the past few years, women of the 21st century have already established that they don’t need any man to come to their rescue.

The women of 2021 walk the talk like never before and definitely need no man to fall back on. In fact, if women stand by women, they have the power, sensibility and grace to conquer every aspect of the world they wish to. 

This Woman’s Day , we want you to take up the opportunity and celebrate with your sorority sisters, band of women who have learnt to stand by each other, even if only to remind one another that you require nobody to complete you. 

Celebrate  Women’s Day Differently

In these uncertain and subdued times, a ladies night in is the apt way of celebrating the spirit of  womanhood  this Women’s Day. A night in with your girls with an array of delectable and smooth  cocktails or a fancy bottle of champagne would be the perfect mood-setter for the night and no better place to help you with the preparations for this night than this 

Nothing better than a perfectly mixed cocktail and some great music to keep the spirit of the women high all night!

 Game on!!

This night can get wild further with some exciting drinking games. The Bottle Toss Game and Get buzzed with Us are some of the best items in our drinking game collection that can promise you a thrilling night. No conversation can match up the rapport a game night brings and since women are the masters at multitasking a game night is the best technique to keep the vibe at an all-time high.

Going Solo- Ideas to Celebrate on your Own!

A wine night with an engaging movie can also be a calm and composed way of celebrating this day. Some women-centric movie suggestions to mark the day are- Erin Brockovich, Thelma & Louise, Queen of Katwe and Hidden Figures. Surely a delight to watch best complemented with a soothing glass of wine. The portrayal of strong women through cinema has been a major step ahead in the empowerment of women and has done a great deal in burying the thought process that women need men for their happy ending.

Women are emotional pillars of strength and have an abundance of love to share. It’s high time women share this love with one another and with themselves instead of always investing it in emotional equations with men. For years men have been dependent on the emotional energy women radiate, it is now time for women to use this energy for themselves  and support one another. 

This year carries the baggage the horrors of the past year brought upon us and loving yourself is the only way to cope with the circumstance and move ahead. Make this Women’s Day about loving yourself and making yourself a priority. 


Treat Yourself, Love Yourself!

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