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Chess Drinking Game

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Chess Drinking Game is made of high quality glass & plastic!

There was a time, far back in the realms of ancient history, when men sat at tables in the pub, pint carefully at their side, pitting their wits against each other in time honored fashion, concentrating over the chess board. Sadly this practice has become all but extinct. Until now. This beautiful glass board small chess set, crafted from the finest quality materials, has for its pieces 32 plastic mini shot glasses, each with the likeness of the standard piece embossed on it for identification.

This is an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys the fascinating game of chess, even more so if they also like a drink. Remember to drink carefully, as the consumption of excess amounts of alcohol is likely to seriously impair your chances of winning!

Makes a great gift & is perfect for college, game nights, drinking games, parties, travel, camping, promotions and so much more!


Chess Drinking Game
Chess Drinking Game Sale price Dhs 89.00 Regular price Dhs 129.00