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Article: Social Distancing is Not Social Isolation- Tips to keep the Party Spirit High in tough times

Social Distancing is Not Social Isolation- Tips to keep the Party Spirit High in tough times

Social Distancing is Not Social Isolation- Tips to keep the Party Spirit High in tough times

Practicing Social Distancing is to maintain 6 feet distance from individuals, but this distance does not need to disturb one’s social and emotional health. Social Isolation has a direct unhealthy impact on one’s emotional health. In the dark and uncertain times the past year has brought with it, it is easy to confuse Social Isolation, and Social Distancing as the concept of Social Distancing is a new addition to our lives.

To make sure the two concepts do not overlap or are not confused, we have to be creative to maintain our social lives while maintaining a distance from one another. Humans are social animals, and we must interact with other humans to maintain our well-being and sanity. 


How to follow social distancing without social isolation

Let’s take a look at some interesting methods to maintain social distancing and not Social Isolation. 

Maintaining Your Primary  Connections 

Make sure you maintain strong connections with the primary members of your social life. Members of your daily life- parents, family, and friends should be kept in the close loop through a virtual connection to maintain one’s social health. In a Global Pandemic, maintaining connections with your loved ones is the only way to go by each day. 

Participating in online games and virtual events is always an excellent method to keep in touch and entertain. A glass of your favorite wine is the best way to complement these virtual times with your loved ones. Enhance this unique wine experience as you embark on these online endeavors with our wine accessories collection to back you up. 

Go Minimalistic for Social Gatherings

Since the world has opened up minimally post the national lockdowns seen in multiple countries, people have started moving out of their houses to meet up with family and friends. Gatherings of 4-5 people with adequate social distancing maintained can do very good to one’s mind and mood. However, all members of the gathering should ensure they are in the pink of health with no symptoms to enjoy this moment themself and allow the others to do so. A small gathering over a Sunday brunch with close family or friends would be the perfect set up. 

A chilled glass of beer or some interesting cocktails would help build up conversations and memories you may have missed over the past couple of months.

Game on to raise the spirits up!

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Party games can be a fun way of interacting with each other while maintaining social distancing. You can all gather virtually and play the same game or can come up with your own variants while gathering for an intimate houseparty.

The options are endless and you will have as much fun as it were with a large gathering!

We have some really cool new versions of party games added into our collection. Check our range of party games here.

Get Relevant Health Information

Contact your family doctor or nearest healthcare workers to understand better the Dos and Don’ts related to meeting family and friends. Try to gain full information to maintain the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Ensuring maximum safety is the only way to stay safe in this Pandemic. 

Celebrations are a Lifeline! Keep them Coming!

Try to inculcate all celebrations through a virtual platform or small gatherings. Participating in celebrations keeps you socially active and brings a sense of joy and togetherness to one and all. Celebrations always involve a toast to the cause of this celebration, and what better way to raise this toast than to raise a fine glass of champagne to make these small celebrations as memorable as possible. 


The only way to go through each day these uncertain times have brought upon us is to cherish every small moment and value our most profound connections to the maximum. It is only because of our near and dear ones that we have been able to cope with the circumstances that we are facing. Enjoy every moment, no matter how trivial or lavish, because it is these moments that will motivate you to keep moving forward. 




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