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Article: Types Of Whisky Glasses

Types Of Whisky Glasses

Types Of Whisky Glasses

Whisky is one of the most established and known drinks. However, it is important to know how to properly taste it. To fully relish the drink and increase the pleasure to its last drop, it is important to notice certain details.

One of the most significant aspects is whisky glasses. The proper taste of whisky relies upon it. Whichever type you choose, your whisky must have room in the glass to move around. The more whisky is swirled and breathed, the smoother and softer the aromas become. We have a collection of whiskey glass for your home bar.


 1. Whisky Tumbler Glasses

Perfect to use for social gatherings and formal dinner parties. A wise addition to your home bar, and an exciting gift to offer. Each glass is dense bottomed which makes you love your drink even more while you hold it. Enjoy your favorite whisky in style with these glasses.


 2. Tulip Whisky Glasses

The novel shape is easy to hold and looks great on the table; allows you to swirl and add oxygen to your drink, intensifying the taste and smell of each sip of whiskey. So go ahead and enjoy your whiskey neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail with this set of two classic glasses.


 3. Crystal Whisky Glasses

These are premium lead-free crystal glasses and feature lustrous transparency, a classic round body with anti-slip carving, and heat and cold tolerant. Bar-Enthusiast presents the set of 2 elegant drinkware for your home bar.


 4. Gold Rim Whisky Glass

Gold rim whiskey glasses will bring luxury to your bar. The perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, or any special occasion, these traditional glasses will be a great addition to your collection.


5. Rock Scotch Whisky Glasses

A solid strong base is meant for the whiskey. Make room for new favorite glasses for your collection. These glasses are the healthier choice over plastic; glass does not fade, retain smells, or ooze chemicals into drinks.


6. Crystal Pineapple Shaped Whiskey Glasses

The comfortable contouring and ultra-smooth façade whisky glass set make it a pleasure to hold. These conventional gasses give an air of elegance to any occasion, have a classic cut design, and look and feel in your hand.


7. Whirlpool Whisky Rock Glasses

Swirling whisky has never been so easy or so fun. But more than mere novelty, glasses feel satisfying when cradled in the palm. Enjoy the unique and creative design of this glass while swirling your favorite whisky.


Check out our wide range of Whisky Glasses for further experience on our website: and enjoy your risk-free and safe delivery across the UAE.

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